June 2019 - ISSUE III

Sun's Out, Fun's Out!

With summer comes summer break, but that doesn’t mean that you should take a break from mortgages! As it turns out, summer is actually the best time to buy a house, especially if you’re planning to rent it out to vacation-goers. In fact, recent studies show that more and more millennials are buying their first homes not for themselves, but for their AirBnb guests. With the ever-predictable nomadic itch that hits consumers during these hot summer months (and I’m not just talking about mosquito bites here), there is no better time to start looking into short-term rental properties. You can even use the equity from your vacation rental to bankroll your retirement plans. So, start looking into investment properties today, and say “Bon Voyage” to your dismal returns and “Aloha” to a more secure future.

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