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There's just SO MUCH going on in June!

National Kissing Day in the UK is June 19 and International Kissing Day is coming right behind it on July 6. So pucker up, and don't miss the curated article below about how the French do it (we have some idea already). Father's Day is this month too. Accordingly, we've got an interesting piece from GQ in this week's newsletter about the "dad bod" phenomenon and body acceptance. Importantly, June is also PRIDE month. Be sure to check out the CNN article below about how to be an ally during this month, and beyond.

You'll also find two brand new WGT blog posts in our June Features, below -- one about compersion (inspired by podcast episode 63 about finding chemistry in the lifestyle) and Part 2 of Admin Andi's guest blog. You also don't want to miss Mr. and Mrs. Loving Life in the Hot Seat or Mrs. Jones' sexy cocktail of the month -- the Licor 43 & coffee specialty from Mexico.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the newsletter, and we'd love to invite you to join our WeGottaThing community.

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June Features

We Gotta Thing recently made Esquire Magazine's list of the 15 Best Sex Podcasts for 2019. Check out what the writers have to say about us, as well as the other great podcasts on the list!
New Blog Post by WGT | One of our community members, new to the Lifestyle, recently tweeted, “The first time I watched my husband fuck another woman, I was mesmerized & turned on to a degree I would never have predicted. Poor man I was with got neglected a bit while I watched." We totally know what she means.
Guest Blog Post by Admin Andi | The couple in this story was appropriately named ‘Mr. & Mrs. Spaceship’ by us because they were so sexy we assumed they were from another planet.

On the Podcast

In this episode we discuss what "chemistry" in the lifestyle means to us and how it's different from attraction.
In this episode we talk with the creators of the lifestyle website Double Date Nation, Dave and Andi.

Our friends Admin Andi & Dave created Double Date Nation, a brand new lifestyle dating site. This modern site boasts security, sleekness, and a user-friendly experience. Use promo code WGTPC for 3 months free!

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Loving Life

Where are you, currently, in your LS journey?

We've officially been 'in' the LS for 1.5 years. We've had our share of experiences, enough to tell us that we enjoy it very much. We researched, talked and listened to podcasts for a couple years before dipping our toes in. Well, in reality, we dove in the deep water head first! And just kept swimming!

What do you look for in another couple's online dating profile?

As much as we shouldn't, we probably look at age first. We are trying to get away from that because we've found that age really doesn't matter. We look for profiles similar to us. Ones that clearly indicate that they are a committed couple and in the LS together. Well written, grammatically correct and pictures of both.

What is one of your 'guilty pleasures,' outside the Lifestyle?

Mr. | I like to listen to ABBA, but don't tell anyone! lol
Mrs. | The Bachelor series. I know a total waste of time, but mindless pleasure!

What's a talent or skill that each of you possesses?

Mr. | I've been told I have magic fingers!
Mrs. |  At times, I can cum without any physical stimulation!

What's the funniest LS-related thing that has happened to you recently?

Well, we were on a play date with our friends. They have a hide-a-bed and put a blow up mattress on top of it. Mrs fell between the two mattresses and the back of the couch and was stuck, legs up in the air! Everyone was laughing so hard they couldn't help her out. One of our favorite dates!

What made you decide to become WGT Community members?

Mr. & Mrs. Jones talking about the community intrigued us. We wanted to meet more like-minded people who listened to them.

Mrs. | I really wanted a place where I could ask 'female' LS questions, and when Mrs. Jones talked about the women's chat, that sold me! It has been so incredible to talk so openly to other women who share similar experiences. Mr. has enjoyed the men's chat also.

What are your favorite benefits of being a WGT Community member?

By far, the friendships we have developed. First virtually, and then by attending a Meet and Greet. We have continued to develop these friendships through chat and have arranged additional meetings and even vacations.

Curated for You by Mr. & Mrs. Jones

Put down the phone and pick up your sweetie instead for a heedless and much-needed make-out session this date night.
Gentlemen, it’s time to feel comfortable in your own physique.
And we need to give men a chance to get it right.
No Matter Where You Live, 1 in 5 of the People Have Practiced Ethical Non-Monogamy.

Cocktail of the Month

A drink whose origin seems debated, but we like this story from Punch Magazine online: A linguist at Mexico City’s Universidad Autónoma says the drink originated in Andalusia, where morning drinking is commonplace, "because people down there are like that." The name is likely a diminutive for the exclamatory expletive carajo!—the equivalent of yelling, “shit!” or “fuck it!”  “A carajillo,” she says, “is something that, in the moment you drink it, you say carajo!”

Mrs. Jones discovered this one in Mexico at a little resort we like to frequent (you may have heard us talk about it on the podcast at time or two). Check out her recipe!

Care to Join Us?

Join us on our fifth trip to Naughty in N’awlins this summer! We’re hosting a WGT Meet & Greet and would love to meet you.
Join us in Music City, USA for a fun and sexy weekend this fall! Note that we've changed the date of this event to Sept 27-29, 2019.
We will be traveling to Desire Pearl the week of November 16-23, 2019. Book your trip through our website by clicking here!

During PRIDE Month and beyond, if you know someone in the LGBT community, here are 8 ways to be supportive.

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