2nd Official Spotter's Day
On Saturday, August 10th, 2019, AAA proudly hosted a group of 7 spotters that had the opportunity to join the Aruba Airport team on the airside and take various photographs of the different types of aircraft. Throughout the day, the spotters were encouraged to let their creative eyes capture the most unique pictures on the airside. The spotters who participated will now have 10 days to submit their top 3 pictures taken on Spotter's Day to participate in the Best Spotter's Day Picture competition that will start on Monday, August 26th, 2019. The winner will be chosen by means of voting by Aruba Airport's Facebook followers. The winner will be granted an EXPO inside Aruba Airport's terminal for 1 year. 

West Apron Extension Phase 3 – Main Apron Phase 1
The first part of the project was opened in July 2019 which is the new back of stand service road, connecting the back of stand roads from stand 9 and stand 13. Next to the road an apron drain was placed, that will drain all the water from the apron pavement of the new stands 11 and 12.

After opening the new service road in the beginning of July, the temporary road was demolished, to start with the new apron pavement in this area. The north part of the apron pavement was already paved with concrete, the south part made a lot of progress, constructing all underlying layers and adding the first concrete slabs.

In the north part of the construction area, works are undergoing on the underground utilities and drainage lines. In the east area next to stand 9A, the excavation for the fuel valve vault pit was initiated.The first part of the fuel line is already in the ground, enabling the start of the fuel valve vault construction works.

AAA Attends National Fire Protection Association Training
A team consisting of employees from 3 different departments went to a National Fire Protection Association training from July 22nd t July 24th, 2019. The training was located at Johnson Controls training facility in Cranston, Rhode Island which facilitates NFPA trainings with the necessary equipment.
The 3-day NFPA 25 training entailed the standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems. The NFPA code has been adopted by AAA as the standard of our Fire Safety Strategy.

The training entailed theory and hands-on training of the systems which gives an understanding what, how, and why testing and maintenance is important. Some of the topics presented were:
  • The scope of NFPA 25 inspections;
  • Frequency to conduct inspection, testing and maintenance activities;
  • Learn to perform fire pump flow tests, hydrant flow tests and fire pump churn tests;
  • How to conduct an internal inspection on sprinklers, dry valves, pre-action valves and alarm valves;
  • How to visually inspect fire pumps and more
As a result of the training, all members are now able to challenge the maintenance contractor, insurer, engineer and have the knowledge why and how to be in compliance with the NFPA standard. As well, to have the knowledge in-house and be less dependent on a third party. A plus as well was to be able to interact/share with training participants that have different fire protection backgrounds combined with their knowledge and experience.

It was an educational and great experience for all 5 team members which will result in the ability for each of them to implement in the areas of fire protection and safety in our jobs.

Avianca Official Countdown To 100 Years
Avianca traces its history back to 1919, when its forerunner was established as the Colombian national flag carrier. As a member of the Star Alliance, Avianca offers connections to 1300 airports in over 190 countries worldwide. Today, Avianca and its subsidiaries own a combined fleet of over 180 aircraft, and conduct operations from three airport hubs in Bogota, San Salvador and Lima. Avianca currently operates from Aruba to Bogota with 11 double daily flights. This year, Avianca celebrates 100 years as one of the region's leading airline operators on December 5th, 2019. 

On July 30th and July 31st, a total of 180 students departed on their new journey to pursue their studies in the Netherlands. Aruba Airport treated all students with a fun Happy Hour with non-alcoholic beverages and a snack box while the students mingled and relaxed before boarding their flight. At the gate, all students received a nice electricity adapter as gift so they are able to use this in their new studio/home. The Minister of Education, Mr. Rudy Lampe gave the students a motivational speech and encouraged them to pursue their dreams. 

Wine Port
Wineport is a unique wine and champagne bar designed specifically for those passengers that want to sit back, relax and enjoy the view of arriving and departing planes on the airport tarmac. Wineport offers a wide variety of extraordinary wines, premium cocktails and a curated selection of craft beers together with hors d’oeuvres that complement each drink. Wine Port is located in between gates 4 and 5.