Friday, Sept. 27 to Monday, Sept. 30
Black Oak Ranch | Laytonville, CA

Have you registered yet? Time’s a-ticking and we need to start planning for you. Get on it and sign up TODAY! 

Here’s a link to our previous email with all the details to register. 

This Year's Teepee Crawl Theme

For those of you who haven’t been to Camp Tasty, our Saturday night Teepee Crawl has become a camp-wide favorite. Following dinner, you’ll explore and wander through themed teepees designed and hosted by you and your fellow costumed campmates. Take over a teepee and creatively theme it out, and provide a fun themed beverage or dessert as well. And everyone should come dressed and ready for adventure this year!

Presenting this year’s theme: MISSION EXPEDITION

Humans have dreamt of exploration since time immemorial, of leaving their world behind to discover something new. We’ve grown up watching, hearing, and reliving grand stories of great expeditions. From the explorations of Dora to the search for Carmen Sandiego, from the groundbreaking heroics of Amelia Earhart to the moonshot mission of Apollo 11, these tales of fact and fiction inspire our dreams. 

This year, get your teepee ready to crawl for a Saturday night adventure like it's never seen before. And make sure to come dressed for mission success: break out the flight suit, dust off that miner’s hat, or strap on that scuba mask. Whether following in the footsteps of Indy’s last crusade or Frodo’s journey to Mt. Doom, get ready to celebrate and honor the joys of discovery and the thrill of venturing into the unknown!

Grab a whip, hold on to your fedoras, and get ready for an ADVENTCHAAA!!!

Host a Teepee
Sign up to host a teepee now! Interested but not sure? Don't fear, our expedition leader Sadhika will help you get prepared for the journey to come. The only requirements are a creative concept brought to life by Saturday night, hosts to greet, and a refreshment to pair. Theme teepees will receive a small financial grant, but the subsidy may not cover everything. And hosts will also get priority teepee placement and lots of Tasty love! 

Things to Know

First time? Here are some helpful things to know. 

What DON’T I need to bring?
We’ll send a complete list of things to bring, but Camp Tasty has proper bathrooms and showers, electrical outlets, ice machines, food storage lockers, and refrigerators and freezers. All meals are included, there will be an open bar, and there will be snacks and treats throughout the weekend. 

Do I need to bring a tent? What about a sleeping pad? 
If you request a teepee, no need to bring either. Each teepee sleeps up to 10 people, but on average in past years, each teepee has slept about 4-5 people each. They’ve also got sleeping pads in them. 

When does Camp Tasty start? 
Feel free to arrive anytime Friday. Especially feel free to come early and help us set up! We can provide early entry Thursday for those of you who can be on our setup crew. 

When does Camp Tasty end? 
Monday at 11am! For those of you who have stayed till Monday, you know Sunday evening is always a special time. We’ll wind it down with movie night, finish the rest of the bar around the campfire, and relish in the afterglow of a weekend well spent. So stay the whole day and make the most of Camp Tasty!

How kid-friendly is Camp Tasty? 
Kids have the best time at Camp Tasty. Many cry when they have to leave. And all of them want to come back next year. But our mission is to have an integrated community experience for campers of all ages. 

You’ll find Tasty Tots participating in all of our activities (well, maybe not Strange Brews), from the Teepee Crawl to Tasty Trivia to our dance parties, from the Art Shack to the Karaoke Lounge. The Tots team coordinates rotating babysitting shifts, kid-friendly food and snacks, a kiddie swimming pool and more. And there’s a dedicated quiet camping area for those who want to camp a little further from the action. 
I love all these photos, it gives me a great sense for what Camp Tasty is all about. Are there more? 
Take a look at these photos from last year. Here's a mix of photos from attendees and here's official camp photographer Rubuen's Smugmug album.

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Tasty has been creating unintentional community through music, food, and friendship since 2006.
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